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Spanish Traffic Rules

Spain might have different rules than your home country. 

On this page we have highlighted the most important.

Traffic and Road manners:

  • 50 km in the built-up area (unless otherwise indicated)

  • Motorway or motorway and 90 km outside the built-up area (unless indicated otherwise

  • The speed indicated on the autovias (motorways) is between 80-140 km

  • Autopistas (motorways) 120 km

  • Spanish law requires you to have a reflective vest with you to use in an emergency.

  • The law prescribes that children under the age of 12 are not allowed to travel on the back of the motorcycle

  • It is mandatory for the driver and passenger on the motorcycle to wear a helmet.

  • The use of dipped beam during the day is mandatory.

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Alcohol Laws.

The maximum blood alcohol content allowed is 0.05ml ​

this is about to glasses of wine or beer!

It is more advised to drink less or not at all.

As in nearly every country it is illegal to drive a bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs here.

Driving In Cities And Villages.

Many main roads still go through villages and small towns throughout Spain.

This means most people tend to drive slower than 50km whilst going through these areas this creates less sound pollution and in turn creates a good relationship between the bikers and residents!

It is also good practice to slow down around any residential areas or places where there may be people gathering.

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