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Our Tours

We are happy to create the tour you want or you can join some of our pre planned excursions here is some information to help you decide. If you would like some Ideas check out our past adventures 

Create Your Dream Tour Hassle Free

    Lets begin with your Bike! 

  • Will you be bringing your own bike or renting ?

        Either way we can organise transfer of your own bike or rental.​

  • What type of bike is going to suite your ride style and the adventure ahead.

        We have a good range of bikes available suited to any need.

  • Making sure all documentation is correct for the bikes and trip.

        We can help in arranging all your documentation for you.

    Now Time to plan your adventure!

  • How long would you like to ride for?

        We offer one day tours up to 5 days its totally your choice!

  • What direction would you like to go or should we surprise you.                           We can plan a route together or take one of our preplanned routes.

  • Make an appointment with us and lets begin planning

        We have a 20 to 40 minute call about your trip and pacific details.

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